Lift Mates
Dual Lift Pro - The Benefits

Handles where YOU want them! No need to get UNDER the box!

Dual Lift Pro The Dual Lift Pro tm allows you to keep your shoulders level and back straight while lifting boxes. No more tilting and twisting your shoulders and back to lift a box. The ability to lift boxes properly is greatly enhanced allowing the legs to do the lifting. The box is lifted more quickly and held closer to the body saving time and effort, and most importantly - saving your back.

Key Benefits

* Tests have shown compression force reductions of over 20% when lifting.
* Reduces stress on back and shoulders - twisting or stretching is not required.
* Allows the legs to do the lifting for increased safety.
* Boxes are held closer to the body (50% closer) saving time and effort.
* Large boxes can be lifted properly so reaching to the floor is not necessary.

Note: The Lift Mates tools are molded with pigment to create the coloration. No painting process is applied to the tools.

"I recently was given an opportunity to try Lift Mates and was very impressed with the design, quality and performance. As a physical therapist, I am always looking for products for my patients that are safe, easy to use and allow proper body mechanics. Therapists often try to situate the environment to their patients. The Lift Mates allow the user to maintain a neutral spine during use thus allowing maximum comfort and less stress on joints. I would definitely recommend the Lift Mates to my patients." -Jeff Hill, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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